About Design645

Design645 began out of my engrained love of art. My name is Laura Johnson, artist, mother of three and wife to a very smart mathematician. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life but all of them revolved around three things, art, teaching and the natural world.

Like I imagine every artist or crafts person, I always have dreamed of having a studio. When I taught middle school art, one of my favorite times of the day was when I was alone in the art room with supplies all around me creating demo pieces for my students. I loved working in the quiet room alone. So when I found out that our old barn was falling down, it was my chance to have a STUDIO! My husband and I created an amazing space for creation.

Just sitting in the studio makes me happy. Now I’ve turned Design645 into a place where we can do all the things we love — teach, create and work with the natural world. We offer kids & adult classes with in a space where I can pull out my encaustics or any other media I’m drawn to and include my entire family and community.

Most of the art I have been creating recently is made from old things, child inspired or inspired by the natural world. Used & found items and reuse of supplies just makes sense to me & our world. I’ve been using the old barn wood from my 1900 barn for repurpose into barn wood signs and paintings. I use antique and vintage beads from my family and estate sales to create jewelry. I use scraps of leather to make earrings. I’ve made a dress out of plastic lids and one out of an old comforter and the list goes on and on.

For interior design, I also love reusing items people have and creating an eclectic space that is truly their own. Sometimes all you need is a refresher to make your home new again. That said, I LOVE creating beautiful kitchens for any budget (we even used craigslist cabinets for one job). It’s the heart of the home as they say.


Let’s Create & Cheers,

Laura Johnson


Interior reDesign

Love your space again. We strive to use pieces and inspiration from your current room to re-design & decorate the space so it’s fresh and inspiring. We also offer custom pieces & shopping to finish off the space.

Art Classes

Art & Design classes using mixed media in our unique Art Barn. For children & adults, please check out our schedule & offerings and join us for special events in the Barn. Classes are great for individuals, groups, parties & special occasions.

Handmade Art

Visit our Art Barn or any of events for custom art, mixed media pieces, jewelry & more by our artist, Laura Johnson.  Pieces and mediums change often so check out our offerings by visiting us in the Barn, at events or following us on facebook & Instagram!